Office Furniture Industry Metal Processing

In the office furniture sector, desks, chairs, caissons, office partitions and panels, work stations, office cabinets, sofas, waiting groups, coffee tables are produced.

High production volume and high productivity stand out among the factors specific to this sector. Different designs, decorations and customized product models are other requirements of the industry. The product range of the office furniture sector is wide, mostly in medium and small sizes, and it is a sector where high quantities are produced. It is very important that the products are aesthetically perfect and ergonomic. Therefore, sensitive and very fast machines are needed in the sector.

The most commonly used materials are Aluminum, painted sheets, stainless steel, galvanized and black sheets. The material thickness can vary between 0.50 mm and 4 mm. Small and medium sized sheets are used.

The Office Furniture sector has a wide range of products, mostly medium and small, and the production is usually done in large quantities. Aesthetics and ergonomics are key to Office Furniture production, so what the industry needs most is fast and responsive machinery.

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